About Sinclair College

Sinclair College has been conceived with the aim of offering Sinclair partners premier online educational resources to support our existing hands-on training programs. The Sinclair College has been developed around 5 key pillars:

Anatomy applied to aesthetic medicine
Combined treatments, a growing trend in the industry to meet patient needs
Science Behind, to discover the process and techniques behind aesthetic products and devices
Practice Support: Services to improve the practice’s offering to patients and add value to the practice business, such as digital strategy or patient communications
Sinclair products: Ellansé – collagen stimulator -, Perfectha - hyaluronic acid, and Silhouette – suspending threads

Physicians can benefit from the training provided by our panel of highly qualified experts at their own pace on the topics they wish to delve into by means of a series of courses enabling them to optimise their medical practice, obtaining the best results for their patients.

Moreover, experts from around the world present various topics in interactive webinars to be held several times a year.

Since technology progresses and patient expectations change, we want to offer physicians the most updated training possible, so Sinclair College is a constantly evolving tool that adds new courses and events over time.

We are pleased to welcome you to our Sinclair College and wish you a rewarding journey across our online courses.

Sinclair's Philosophy

At Sinclair we strive to provide aesthetic doctors with the highest standard of training with ongoing support, enabling them to excel in their aesthetic medicine practice, and offering their patients unparalleled results.

We believe that, beyond aesthetic medicine, patients have increasingly strong expectations and increasing knowledge of the aesthetic treatments available. Therefore, it is essential for aesthetic practices to develop digital communication tools and skills in order to fine-tune marketing and their service offering to patients, thus adding value to them.

Sinclair College aims to offer high quality services to healthcare professionals so that, in turn, they can provide high quality treatment and results for their patients.

Begin a course

To access Sinclair College courses, all you need to do is register. You will then have the opportunity to undertake your journey at your own pace and in the manner that is most suited to your needs.

These training modules are not mandatory, however Sinclair recommends that physicians complete this training material to become more familiar with the products, the techniques that can be used and the anatomy to be treated. Sinclair products are only for use by medically trained professionals.