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Sinclair College offers 5 main courses, which you can take in the order that best suits your needs.

Purely medical-themed courses consist of a number of modules that need to be completed in order to obtain final certification. Mini self-evaluation tests are available at the end of each module so that you can check you level of understanding on the topic you have studied. This is followed by a final ‘exam’ on the entire course, and if passed, will enable you to obtain a certificate of completion from Sinclair College.


The objective of this course is to improve or refresh your knowledge of anatomy – from the skin down to the bone – in order to understand general principles with the aim of optimising aesthetic procedures, whether deep or superficial injections, or the insertion of suspension threads, all whilst maximising safety.


Sinclair owns a portfolio of ground-breaking technologies to create long lasting, natural looking results and to deliver higher patient satisfaction.

Combined treatments

The objective of this course is to give doctors the tools to better meet the expectations of patients who today want natural, long-lasting and harmonious results, as evidenced by a growing trend in the industry to combine treatments.

Science Behind

Take a journey through the scientific modules to discover the process and techniques behind aesthetic products and devices.

Practice Support

Through this course, Sinclair College offers doctors the opportunity to train in areas other than aesthetic medicine, areas that are nowadays essential if one wants to truly add value to a medical practice.

Live Webinars

Join our webinars and connect with our highly qualified experts to discuss various topics.
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